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This site is provided to centralize and organize gift giving for Cyndi and Brandon's baby girl Brindy (Click here for pictures).  If you have any questions call Beccy Callaghan. The entire gift list is listed here. To select a gift, you will need to log in by entering your name below:

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Gift Database

Qty Gift
Full Baby hair bows (by pair)
1 Cloth diapers 1pkg
Full Light weight receiving blankets
Full Baby brush
Full Baby nail clippers
Full Baby washcloths
4 Bounce fabric softeners
2 Diaper ointment
Full Disposable diapers (by pkg.)
Full Eyedropper
1 Hooded towels
4 Laundry soap (Tide w/ bleach)
Full Rectal thermometer (non-mercury)
10 Rolls of quarters for laundry
Full Teething ring
6 Travel pack of Kleenex type tissues
2 Travel wipe box
Full Wipes (by pkg)
2 Baby jacket
4 Bibs
Full Elastic-drawn and zip-up sleepers
Full Scull cap
Full Snappy crotch one-piece outfits
Full socks
Full Sun hat w/ chin tie
Full White onesies (all sizes)
3 Epson Photo Roll Paper (by pkg.)
2 Sony mini-DV excellence or premium cassettes for cam corder
1 Savings bond
1 Advantix film (pkg. Of 3)
Full Bedroom slippers size 8
2 Hot/Cold pack
2 Balls
3 Beanbags
9 Books (board, cloth, children’s stories etc.)
1 Bubbles
2 Jingle bell wrist and ankle bands (bells sewn on)
1 Laminated animal photos on a ring
1 Mobile any kind
10 Music CDs: children’s music, classic piano, guitar, Celtic, Native American, African drums, Hispanic, Jazz, dance, folk, polkas, electronic, lullabies, nature sounds, strings, waltzes, brass bands, Patriotic, blue grass, oriental, island, etc.
1 Puppet any kind
1 Rag doll (no glued on parts or buttons)
Full Rattles or maracas
1 Rubber duckie
2 Shaker bottles (20oz. Bottles w/ lids glued on tight last forever, also colored water in these is great. Try some with glitter, or beads)
1 Small safety mirror (shatter proof)
1 Small wooden abacas
1 Spools on a string (1ft. or less)
2 Stuffed animals (12in. max for our little house)
1 Stuffed sensory cube (different textured fabrics on all sides)
1 Telephone
1 Upholstery fabric swatches on a ring
1 Zipper, button, snap panel or cube